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We keep the spirit of a strong yet joyful team as our promise to our customers in bringing excellence in our services.

Our School

We keep our classes small to facilitate optimal learning and to allow maximum student participation effectively.

"To become a greater community that impact lives and nations"

Our Vision 
Our Teachers  

Our teachers are trained, competent, and very passionate about teaching and helping the learners to be better. We also provide the learners regular individual counseling with the teachers who will monitor the learners's progress during the course.

We believe that language not only about words and sentence, but more to it. It is about understanding culture and ideas, and communicating our thoughts, feelings, and skill. We also have a community that speak English. This community meets everyday and discuss many topics, learning and helping each other. Language has to become alive in our daily life. These are our ideas about language. 
We also believe, that the best way to help someone to grow is through training and mentoring. LCE is always trying to give a great experience for our student, hoping that they will grow and learn a lot and adapt well in the community. Our vision is to impact lives and nations.

Our Mission 
Students Testimony

When our family of four decided to move to Indonesia, we knew we would need to learn the Indonesian language and wanted to study in Sumatra where we would be living. However, we had a hard time finding a language school in the area. We were so excited when a friend told us about Language and Culture Exchange (LCE) in Medan. We were committed to our 2 elementary age children taking language classes, and the staff at LCE was happy to put together

a program for them as well. We studied at LCE through 6 units of Indonesian language learning, and our experience was excellent. The curriculum was very useful and helped us to learn the Indonesian language as well ashelping us to learn about many aspects of the local culture. But, our teachers were always willing to deviate from the planned curriculum if there was a learning opportunity that we brought up from something that had happened during the day or something we were curious about. The staff at LCE was very caring and helped us in many ways that extended beyond the classroom. They helped us find housing, furniture, basic needs, and many other things during our time in Medan. By the end of unit 6, we felt ready to move to where we would be living. We knew that we needed to continue learning and improving our language abilities. But, thanks to our time at LCE, we had a strong foundation in the Indonesian language and were confident that we could communicate and function well. We were also comfortable that our kids would be able to communicate with other children and would be able to make friends in our new area. We cannot say enough good things about our time at LCE and the wonderful staff there. We would highly recommend LCE to anyone that is wanting to learn the Indonesian language and to learn about the culture of Indonesia and Sumatra. 

Bill and Angie Dubois        ​

"We celebrate the beauty of language and culture"

Language and culture are interwoven. We believe that every person is unique and their culture is valuable to the world. We share culture to gain understanding that can impact lives and nations for the better. A language can never be separated from its' culture. At the LCE, we seek to understand others' cultures while learning language.

You quickly gain a new family as this new language and culture becomes a part of you.


Independence Day

Games & Competitions

Every August, we celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day together. This is a great opportunity for us to practice speaking English or Indonesian while celebrating family and friendship.



Family Gathering

In December, we celebrate Christmas with our students. Our Christian students share about their family traditions for celebrating Christmas. This is a time of laughter, games, singing and enjoying food together as a family.



Family Celebration

We celebrate Thanksgiving every year. This is a national holiday celebrated, on various dates, in the United States, Canada, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. It began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest of the previous year. 


Eid Mubarak

Break Fasting

As the most populated muslim country in the world, Fast Breaking and Eid Mubarak is one of the most celebrated holidays in Indonesia. We take a day to celebrate Fast Breaking by playing games, singing, and eating together.


Chinese New Year

Family and Good Fortune

Chinese New Year is celebrated at the LCE yearly. Chinese people have been living in Indonesia for generations and have become part of Indonesian culture. Angpao or money that you receive from your family during this celebration is one of the very unique about this celebration. Students look forward to this event every year. 

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