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Successful Manager

Being a leader is not about your position, but it is about how your presence influences others" 

Leader Principles

Leader must have this qualities in order to lead others and help them to grow.

Self Awareness





Care for Other


Manager is a job, leader is character. 

Leading versus Managing


When you lead, you are free from structure bound. When you manage, you are tied to structure and organisation.

Leadership is the accomplishment of a vision through the direction of human assistants. The man who successfully lead other people to achieve particular ends is a leader. A great leader is one who can do so persistently and consistently day after day, and year after year, in a wide variety of circumstances.

Management or managing is the administration skill of an organization, whether it is a business, a not-for-profit organization, or government body. Management focus more on doing the job right.

Leadership focus on how to duplicate great character on others.

Leader is solution

What are leaders role in a team?

If you are part of a team, no matter what is your position, you still can lead your team from any position you have.

People usually don't care about your position but about how you always make yourself available when your team need you.

Team work
Team Brainstorm
I am example

Who is a leader?


 A good leader bring hope and optimism to their followers, since they have set a good example and know what they are doing.

Leaders first job is to do the job themselves and to show their followers how.

True leaders don't spend their time to much counting their followers but, invest their life to bring impact to others and serve.



Leaders know where they are going and focus on their goal. They have the ability to think about the future and what the team need.

Without a vision, people will perish. Thats is why a team need a leader to show them what their vision is and lead them step by step to it.

In many situation, organization or company might still survive without a leader but they tend to lose their focus.

The wonderful thing is that vision is bigger than baggage
 Stephen Covey
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