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Happy Kids with Books
Fun Learning

Conversation Class
level 1-5

Our English Program is a good answer for parents who want their kids to learn English from early age. Our program is not just to help  your kids to speak English but at the same time we will help them to grow in their character and life values. For more information please contact us trough Whatsapp or email

Real Life

English Field Trip

We want our student to explore and experience the world around them voluntary. We arrange some field trip activities so they can see the real world and connect to them. Some of the activities are making pizza, farming or gardening, cooking activities and more.

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Pinwheel Kids

English Games

As our commitment to students, we also provide variates of English games.  English Games is very important and plays a huge role in learning process and their social interaction. Students getting new words and practicing their English by playing games in a big group or small group with friends.  

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Teacher and Kids in Library
Life Values

English Club

English lab provides its members the opportunity to discuss great topics in a group setting. At the lab, students learn how to utilize their English in practical ways. Hang out, playing English games, reading book and having English Club discussion twice a week, help your kids to improve their English faster.

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O u r    c o m m i t m e n t    t o    t h e i r    f u t u r e

Research found that kids or younger people can learn new language faster that adult. We believe language and culture are always goes together. That is why we want to teach and help our student to speak English appropriately. Together we can prepare a new generation with strong character and values that can impact lives and nations.
Languages cannot be separated from its cultures and vise versa. We learn a particular language through its culture and by learning the original culture, we can speak a certain language appropriately. This is our core and this is our main idea about language.

We also have members and visitors who are native English speakers as well as people from around the world who want to learn the local culture and Bahasa Indonesia. This gives the student the opportunity to practice their English with those who know the language best.

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