"With languages, you are at home anywhere"

Edmund De Waal


English Conversation

English is one of the international language that is used by more than 100 nations as their way of communication. Here we also teach English for Indonesian and anyone who wants to have a better English. The number of students in this class is five up to twelve people.
If you hardly find a community that use English, don't worry, come to LCE and prove it yourself, we do speak English.
Convenient place, warm community, friendly environment, and interesting topics are some of the benefits that you can talk about.
Our program are focused on speaking and we believe through speaking, people will learn the correct grammar better. ​


Kids & Adults

Private & Group English Conversation Class


Class available from 9:00 am

English Conversation Class is design for you who have exposed to English yet don't know to put it into practice. We will help you to apply grammar effectively in your real life.


Private English Conversation is a good answer for people that don't have much time but still eager to learn English. We will help you to speak English in your limited time. Even though this is a private English, students still allow to learn as a group in this class. But we limited the number of the student up to three people in one class.


Study Group

Students & Professional

TOEFL & IELTS Preparation Class


Class available from 10:00 am

Our learning and test material are collected from ETS material and our teacher is certified by TESOL.*​Before taking the TOEFL course, each student will be asked to take an TOEFL preliminary exam.  We recommend our students to only take TOEFL Class if their preliminary test results are 450 or higher. A student with a lower score may benefit more from taking one of our Grammar for TOEFL Class or Conversational English courses before attempting the TOEFL Preparation Class. 


In a Meeting


Business English Class


Class available from 10:00 am

As an international language, English play a huge role in communicating ideas in business deal, letters and paper works. These areas, require specific English that can help you grow your business internationally, expand your carrier even multiply your networks. 

The world has grown so much and the need of English use is getting bigger and bigger


"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"

Bill Gates-Cofounder Microsoft

English Lab


English lab provides its members the opportunity to discuss professional topics in a group setting. At the lab, students learn how to utilize their English in practical ways. Hang out, playing English games and having English Club discussion everyday, help you to improve your English faster.

We also have members and visitors who are native English speakers as well as people from around the world who want to learn the local culture and Bahasa Indonesia. This gives the student the opportunity to practice their English with those who know the language best, and our Bahasa Indonesia students can learn the Indonesian cultures and practice speaking Bahasa Indonesia.